Propose a Conference Session


September 16 – 17, 2024 | University of Notre Dame

In addition to an exciting line-up of invited speakers and academic presentations, CPI welcomes church property decision-makers, subject matter experts, nonprofit leaders, and real estate professionals to submit proposals to share case studies, topical presentations, and lightning talks at this fall's conference.

Proposal submission form

Share a case study, topical presentation, or lightning talk at this fall's Church Properties conference.

Academic paper proposals are invited via a separate submission process.


Case Study

Present a completed or in-progress church property-related project; may be a physical development project or significant strategic exercise, e.g., comprehensive property inventory, assessment of property development potential, creation of new legal entities to structure project. Should include considerable technical detail on project execution.

25 minutes including Q&A; audio-visual available.

Topical Presentation

Pitch a project or approach to church property issues; offer a crash course introduction to a specialized church property topic or task (e.g., leasing arrangements, timber framing, the theology of sacred space); share lessons learned; frame a problem or question for further work; or other relevant subject.

25 minutes including Q&A; audio-visual available.

Lightning Talk

Any of the above, in a compressed format.

10 minutes total; audio-visual available.


Prospective presenters should submit an abstract or executive summary of the proposed presentation topic via the form linked above by June 1, 2024. Submitters of accepted proposals will be notified by June 15, 2024.

Conference Registration

All presenters should register for the conference when registration opens summer 2024. Submitters of accepted case studies and topical presentations (but not lighting talks) will receive discounted conference registration. Conference registration is complimentary for Notre Dame faculty, staff, and students.