Mission of Mary Cooperative Case Study

Mission of Mary Cooperative: Dayton, OH

Mission of Mary Cooperative (MMC) began as a backyard garden tended by Catholic laypeople and has since grown into a nonprofit urban farm and education program in Dayton, Ohio. Having successfully navigated challenges like land acquisition and zoning regulations, MMC now produces 65,000 pounds of food annually on four acres of formerly vacant urban land, exemplifying the power of faith-driven initiatives in community revitalization.

Key figures:

  • Median household income in Twin Towers neighborhood of $17,500 in 2020.
  • 30% of land vacant in 2007, 26% still vacant in 2023.
  • Mission of Mary Cooperative founded in 2007 by four University of Dayton graduates.
  • Operates 6 sites covering 4 acres.
  • Installed 88 raised garden beds in local backyards.
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