Monica Latek

Business Analytics Major, Real Estate and Business Technology Minor (ND '25)

Hometown: Orland Park, IL

Hobbies: Volleyball, Golf, Cooking/Baking, Reading, Taking Walks

Why CPI? “While I've always wanted to explore real estate as a career option, coding and data have also grown to be huge interests of mine. Having the opportunity to integrate all of these interests in my work, along with my faith, has been very inspiring for my future. I am also grateful to be able to contribute to meaningful work through searching for solutions that maximize benefit for society, specifically for those in need.”

Career aspirations: “I hope to pursue a career involving both data and real estate.”

Project snapshot: “In one project, we are working with an archdiocese to better understand the context around church property consolidations, closures and sales. This involves using coding to create maps and visualizations. In another project, we are working to understand unique adaptive reuse models for church property. It's been super interesting to learn about all the creative processes and transformations that go into reusing and renovating property!”