Madeleine Viz

Political Science Major, Business Economics and Real Estate Minors (ND '25)

Hometown: Orland Park, Illinois

Hobbies: Playing the trumpet in the Notre Dame Band, live music, catching a sunset, fashion/thrifting, photography

Why CPI? “I have always been interested in the intersection between real estate, faith, and human equity. I want to use my gift of a Notre Dame education, my understanding of the social environment, and problem solving skills to resolve complex urban, social, and community issues.”

Career aspirations: “I want to pursue a career in real estate private equity, commercial real estate, real estate investing, appraisal, development, or real estate law.”

Project snapshot: “I am working on one project that tracks which Catholic dioceses, out of the largest in the U.S., are undergoing or have recently undergone major pastoral planning or restructuring efforts. From there, we have created maps to show these trends and have begun to pose questions and answers as to why certain dioceses in different parts of the country are either expanding parishes or merging/closing parishes.”