CPI is advancing understanding of church property through faculty research, multidisciplinary collaborations, and newly-initiated projects.


  1. Notre Dame civil engineering site project looking at seismic resilience in Italian churhces.

    Faculty Publications

    Our faculty are advancing scholarly understanding at the intersection of faith and place.

  2. None

    Seed Grants

    CPI supports research advancing understanding of church property across the academy.

Focus Areas

CPI spotlights emerging research questions in areas like adaptive reuse of church property, the intersection of faith-based property and housing affordability, and diocesan restructuring.

  1. Renderings of church property development.

    Adaptive Reuse & Densification

    The infrastructure of religion faces seismic upheaval in many places historically structured by its presence and practices.

  2. Map of US dioceses that are expanding or contracting

    Diocesan Restructuring

    Many Catholic dioceses are examining the long-term viability of individual parishes and schools.

  3. GIS map of South Bend showing ecological information overlaid with building location.

    Land, Environment, and Food Systems

    As the largest non-state landowner in the world, the Catholic Church is a major presence not only in cities, but in the natural and agricultural ecosystems surrounding and undergirding them.