1. Madeline Johnson

    Program Manager

  2. Rev. Patrick Reidy, C.S.C

    CPI Faculty Co-Director, Associate Professor of Law

  3. Rev. Stephen Koeth, C.S.C.

    CPI Faculty Co-Director, Assistant Professor of History

Affiliated Faculty

  1. Daniel B. Kelly

    Professor of Law; Faculty Director, Fitzgerald Institute for Real Estate

  2. Duncan G. Stroik

    Professor of Architecture

  3. Kevin Walsh

    Associate Teaching Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences; Director, Master of Engineering (MEng)

  4. Kraig Beyerlein

    Associate Professor of Sociology; Director, Center for the Study of Religion and Society

  5. Nicole Stelle Garnett

    Associate Dean for External Engagement, John P. Murphy Foundation Professor of Law

  6. Philip Bess

    Professor of Architecture

Research Assistants

  1. Helen Mahoney

    Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics Major, Real Estate Minor (ND '25)

  2. Madeleine Viz

    Political Science Major, Business Economics and Real Estate Minors (ND '25)

  3. Monica Latek

    Business Analytics Major, Real Estate and Business Technology Minor (ND '25)

  4. Tyler Popa

    Master of Divinity (ND '24)